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Announcement: My completed manuscript on TeenSet, Teen Fan Magazines, and Rock Criticism is to be published on the University of Mississippi Press! 

This book not only introduces TeenSet as an important cultural contributor but questions the current rock criticism (and rock) narrative that has marginalized teen fan magazines.

This completed manuscript is a first of its kind and tells a history that has been ignored. 

I obtained my PhD from Liverpool in Cultural Studies with a focus in Popular Music Studies. I have an MA in the Beatles, Popular Music, and Society, and a BA in History and Political Science from Texas State University. I have just returned to Texas from Liverpool, England and earned my PhD in October of 2021. I focused on women, rockism, rock criticism, and teen fan magazines! 


My research is focused on popular music history and women, specifically, the popular music press and escaping ping rockism. I have shared this research at many international conferences and am currently working towards publication.

I have lectured in popular music studies and history, and also am a well-versed and interdisciplinary history teacher (World and American). My main passion is my research in popular music and cultural history of the 1960s to 1970s and popular music print media. In my research, I look at TeenSet from a new perspective and reconsider its role in our popular music journalism history.  I am well versed in historical methods and approaches as well as deeply rooted in many interdisciplinary methods.

I love music, journalism and the 1960s/70s. I began considering popular music journalism and the way critics discussed Paul McCartney and Wings (see upcoming publications). I am drawn to conversation considering genre, authenticity, and 'meaning'. 

The Journal of Beatles Studies

Open Access:​

You can purchase a hard copy or subscribe to the open access journal here:

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