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Announcement: My completed manuscript on TeenSet, Teen Fan Magazines, and Rock Criticism is to be published on the University of Mississippi Press! 

This book not only introduces TeenSet as an important cultural contributor but questions the current rock criticism (and rock) narrative that has marginalized teen fan magazines.

This completed manuscript is a first of its kind and tells a history that has been ignored. 

Upcoming presentation at the PCA in San Antonio April 5th-8th.

An extension of my research:

1960s Teen Fan Magazines and the Beatles:
Community, Fandom, and the Beatles Narrative.


Rockism Sucks and Poptimist Shirt: 

I focused on rock criticism and teen fan magazines... and I have to say, I am tired of rockism. As was evident in my research, on teen fan mags and Wings, and in many conversations on the fab podcasts listed below.

As I argue in my research, we need to move past it in the way we talk and write about music, and how many belittle fandoms of other genres. Disco didn't suck, maybe Detriot did, but Rockism does.  Grab a rockism sucks or poptimist shirt... or fly your flag as a rockist.

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The Journal of Beatles Studies

Open Access here:

You can purchase a hard copy or subscribe to the open-access journal here:

Recent Podcast Appearances:

A Recent conversation on Something About the Beatles: Rockism got in the way! 


Another Kind of Mind Podcast Discussion: 4/18/2022

Appearance on Something About the Beatles: Featuring Debbie Gendler and Carol Tyler
Found here: "The Girls Get Back" part 1 227A and part 2 227B

Words, Music, and the Popular
Chapter five entitled:

Which Side is this ex-Beatle on? A Reassessment of the 1970s Rock Press' Framing, Interpretation, and Consideration of Paul McCartney and Wings.

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